The Bedford County Amateur Radio Society currently maintains five repeaters in Bedford (3) and Chaneysville (2). You can listen to our repeater network through Broadcastify 39504.

Location Output Input PL Tone Notes
Kinton Knob 2M 145.49- Mhz 144.89 Mhz 123.0 Hz Primary Repeater and hub.

Monitor Page kinton145

Martin Hill 2M 146.790- Mhz 146.190 Mhz 123.0 Hz Secondary Repeater. Please “fail over” to this one if 145.490 is not working.

Monitor martin146

Kinton Knob 1.25M 224.48- Mhz 222.88 Mhz 123.0 Hz Monitor Kinton224
Maritn Hill 6M 53.15- Mhz 52.15 Mhz 123.0 Hz Update 19Mar2023 – having signal issues – minimal coverage.

Monitor martin53

Kinton Knob 70CM DMR 444.20 Mhz 449.20 Mhz 123.0 Hz Mixed Analog/DMR repeater. Set a carrier tone squelch of 123 on received.

Timeslot 1
3192899 Bedford TAC,
310294 Blair TAC,
314270 Cambria TAC

Timeslot 2
3142 PA,
31422 WPA ARES

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Also see our curated list of local frequencies.

Allstr Bubble Link chart
This shows the repeaters and their current linked status, as seen from 145.490