BCARS Technician Workshop

BCARS Technician Workshop

204 Schedule

  • Feburary 24th, @ 11 AM
  • May 11th @ 11 AM
  • September 7th @ 11 AM
  • November 9th @ 11 AM

Bedford American Legion Post 113, 3721 US-220 BUS, Bedford, PA 15522

Go behind the building to the lower parking lot. It will either be held indoors or in the pavilion, depending on weather conditions.

Come and join BCARS for a completely free amateur radio workshop. Our workshop introduces beginners to the world of amateur radio. Attendees will learn what amateur or “ham” radio is, how to get licensed, and receive hands on training using actual radios on the air. Whether you’re just curious about the hobby or if you have been an operator for a while, this is a great opportunity to learn. If you have a radio already, bring it along. You can practice on your own radio, using our antenna or your own.

Experienced operators are welcome as well. In addition to a beginners portion, we will cover more advanced topics, as well has as having a free form meet, great, and general discussion. Amateurs are encouraged to bring gear to show off or seek help with.

Contact John Hogenmiller (KB3DFZ) / [email protected] with any questions.

What’s the appeal of ham radio?

Some people are attracted by the ability to communicate across the country and around the world without the need for the Internet or a cell phone network. Others enjoy building and experimenting with electronics or interfacing radio transmitters with their computers. Still others enjoy the thrill of trying to make a radio contact with every country in the world. Some of us serve our communities by providing communications during civic events, or emergencies such as tornadoes or floods. Mostly, we use Amateur Radio to open the door to new worldwide relationships over the airwaves with people we may never meet in person, though we come to call them friends.