On The Air


The Bedford County Amateur Radio Society currently maintains three repeaters on top of Kinton Knob, behind the fairgrounds, in Bedford, PA. We are planning to add an additional repeater to help cover the Southern portion of Bedford County.

Location Output Input PL Tone
Kinton Knob 2M 145.49- Mhz 144.89 Mhz 123.0 Hz
Kinton Knob 70cm 444.20 Mhz 449.20 Mhz 123.0 Hz
Kinton Knob 1.25m 224.48- Mhz 222.88 Mhz 123.0 Hz

Also see our curated list of local frequencies.

Weekly Nets

BCARS hosts local nets each Tuesday night starting at 8PM local (Eastern) time. Please join us!

Net Name When Frequency
ARES/RACES 2M NET Tuesdays @ 2000 145.490- FM