Winter Field Day 2021

January 30, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 12:00 pm


Here is the Field Day Site, with the Rules:

Field Day Logging Software:

BCARS Owns a License for all N3FJP software. Email [email protected] for the registration keys.

Summary: You will operate under your individual call sign, your category will almost certainly be 1H (1 transmitter, home station), and your section is WPA (western pa).
At the end of the day, when we submit the results, there will be a field for club. Please enter “” in that field, which will get our scores combined.

Example: This is KB3DFZ, 1 Hotel, Western PA.

FT8/FT$ are NOT acceptable modes

Category = 1, number of active transmitters
There are only 3 categories of entry: Indoor, Outdoor, and Home. Most of you will be 1H.

Indoor: Operation from inside a remote, insulated, heated (or cooled, depending on your local weather), and weather-protected structure where an Amateur station is normally not available. (Park buildings/cabins, community center, senior center, cottage, etc). An EOC or Club shack may be utilized, providing all equipment used is set up by the contestants.

Outdoor: Operation from a location partly or fully exposed to the elements and at least 30 feet away from your normal station location and not using any part of a previously erected antenna system or ham station. A campground, park pavilion, canopy, picnic table, tent, pop-up camper, or a backyard shed/tent/deck, etc may be used. Operation from a non-insulated car/truck/van/boat (mobile or not) is considered “outdoor”.

Home: Operation from inside a home or inside another structure attached to a home that could or would be the usual location of an Amateur station (garage, sunroom, etc), generally using a previously erected antenna system. A “Home” entrant may still be eligible to claim the “alternate power” bonus if not using commercial power. Use of any pre-existing (on site) or permanently installed antenna system or station components renders your station a “Home” station.