Bedford County ARES Badge

Bedford County ARES Badge

All Bedford County Amateur Radio Operators enrolled in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) are entitled to an identification badge to be worn while participating in ARES events. BCARS participates in multiple events throughout the year, providing communications support to government and non-profit organizations.


Sample ID

The Bedford County Amateur Radio Society is an ARES/RACES affiliated club. We work with the Bedford County Emergency Management Service, the Pennsylvania Auxillary Communication Serivce, as well as PEMA and FEMA.

Because of BCARS’ affiliated club status, all licensed operators that are members with BCARS are automatically enrolled in Western Pennsylvania ARES for Bedford County.  Of course, you are still a volunteer and this dual-enrollment does not impose any additional requirements on your time.  Also note that membership with BCARS is not a pre-requisite to being enrolled in ARES.


How to get the badge.

We will need the following:

  1. A digital photo of your head and shoulders (preferrably against a light background).
  2. Full name and callsign.
  3. The current cost of printing the badge ($5.25).

In order to get your bade, the easiest way is to come to a monthly meeting.  Failing that, contact the local ARES EC Steven Elliot, KA3UDR by email ([email protected]).