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August 2021 Minutes Posted

At this month’s meeting, club members discussed repeater updates, tech workshop, ve session, and the upcoming anniversary picnic. Also discussed was BCARS participation in a real world Search and Rescue (SAR) event.   bcars-minutes-20210805

Field Day 2021

Summary Entry received at: 2021-07-02 00:14:01 UTC Submitted by: John Hogenmiller, KB3DFZ     E-mail: [email protected] Call Used: K3NQT     GOTA Station Call: (NONE)     ARRL/RAC Section: WPA     Class: 5A Participants: 19     Club/Group Name:…

Discourse Post Testing

You can ignore this post, but we are doing a test of writing a post in wordpress and having it then be posted to Discourse automatically for discussion.   From: Joe Shupienis W3BC Sent: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 11:58 AM…

Training Slides for March 4th

At the March 4th meeting, there will be a presentation on ARES, RACES, ACS and PEMA as they relate to each other and BCARS. ARES RACES ACS 2 for BCARS 4Mar21 Finalv3ejm

Paying Dues

Historically, members have paid dues in person, typically at a club meeting. But members are also able to pay their dues through the mail or paypal. To mail in your payment, send a check or money for $20 to: BCARS…