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2022 April Minutes

Minutes for the BCARS April 7th, 2022 minutes have been posted. These minutes are available here.

This meeting had a special NWS Skywarn Training presentation from Jonathan at NWS State College.

Jonathan provided a Google Slides presentation to be shared with club members. This slide deck includes further contact information, how to report, and how to get further involved with a number of their local programs.

Additional information can be found at

If the Google Link does not work for you (does require google login), you can download one of the following files. PDF for most people, and if you have Microsoft PowePoint or LibreOffice Impress, you can use the PowerPoint. Be aware that some of the animated or video portions of the slide deck may not work in these offline files.

BCARS_Skywarn_Basics – PDF (17MB)

BCARS_Skywarn_Basics – PowerPoint (16MB)




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