2020 Holiday Party, Elections

On Thursday, December 3rd, around 6:30PM (1830 hours for military veterans) local time, a pileup of BCARS members, family, and friends arrived at Ed’s Steak House for their annual holiday dinner meeting

In addition to the usual holiday fan fare, an election was held for BCARS officer positions. All candidates were running unopposed. A total of 11 ballots were received, disputed, recounted, duplicated, sent back to the kitchen, fermented overnight in a mayonnaise jar on the back porch, litigated, and finally certified as “close enough”. Despite their own objections, the following officers have been elected and shall be officially inaugurated at the January 7th meeting.

  • Elected to the office of President: Zachary Pepple KC3KHK
  • Elected to the office of Vice President: Gary Metivier KC3HKZ
  • Elected to the office of Treasurer: Steven Stiffler KC3DNB
  • Elected to the office of 2 Year Trustee: Jay Cessna WA3UXP
  • Elected to the office of 1 Year Trustee: Bernard Frank W3DRW