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Minutes 4 JUNE 2020

PO Box 26, Everett, PA 15537

PDF Version of these minutes

Meetings take place at 7:30PM on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Bedford County Courthouse, 200 Juliana St, Bedford, PA.

Thursday, 4 JUNE 2020

An online meeting of the Bedford County Amateur Radio Society came to order at 1930 hours within Room #303 of the Bedford County Courthouse Annex by President Kenny Burtnett and a quorum was declared.

In attendance were (13): KB3DFZ, W3DRW, KC3FPA, KC3KHK, K3SCM, KC3NAF, KC3DNB, KA3UDR, WB3JEK, N3EYF, KC3HKZ, KE3ZT, and Josh Lang

President Kenny Burtnett requested that KB3DFZ read the May minutes. Motion to approve was made by KA3UDR and seconded by K3SCM. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report presented by KC3DNB. Steve discussed various checks received, checks issued and cash deposits. The ending balances are:

Petty Cash $20.00
Checking Account $936.15
Savings Account $2,020.30
Total $2,976.45

A motion to approve was made by KC3NAF, seconded by K3QNT. Motion carried. The full treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes.


Josh Lang, County Commissioner attended the meeting. He personally thanked the club for providing support during Pennsylvania’s Primary Election. Specially, BCARS provided communication to the Hopewell polling location. This location had no conventional form of communication – no land lines, no cellular coverage, no Internet access. BCARS was able to facilitate communication between the polling site and the election office. A number of questions and issues were resolved in real time as a result of this service.

Kenny also thanked everyone that participated in election day.

Field Day is still planned as an in-person event for June 27th at the Shawnee Lake East Beach Pavilion. This year, the ARRL has modified the rules to allow home stations to combine their score with a group or club.

The Wall that Heals will be arriving in Bedford County on July 22nd with an official ceremony planned for July 25th.

BCARS Anniversary Picnic is scheduled for August 15th at Merrit’s Pond campground. Motion made by KB3DFZ and seconded by KA3UDR. Motion carried.

Caterers – W3DRW motioned to have K3QNT get the same caterers as last year. Seconded by K3QNT, motion carried. We had ordered for 25 people last year and expect to keep the number about the same this year.

Bedford County Wilderness Rescue KA3UDR has been talking with this K9 Search and Rescue organization about the communications capabilities BCARS can provide. There is an ask to see if a club member would like to train with them and see what their needs are, especially when they are operating out of cell phone range. KC3NAF motioned to engage further with them. Seconded by W4NMP. Motion Carried.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2013 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Hogenmiller, KB3DFZ
BCARS Secretary

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