COVID-19 May Updates

(This is an update from our April post)

With the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, all “in person” events for BCARS are cancelled or virualized until further notice.

  • May 2nd Technician Workshop is Cancelled
  • May 7th 7:30PM Meeting is now virtual (details below)
  • May 23rd VE Session is cancelled A GO. We will be hosting a “drive-in VE session”, utilizing the Bedford American Legion’s parking lot. See our event page for more information.

The May 7th meeting for BCARS will be held as a virtual meeting. We will use a service called “jitsi”. If you have used your computer to do video chat before, or your smartphone, this should work for you. As a last resort there will be a telephone bridge that you can dial into. The Google Chrome browser is recommended for using Jitsi.

If you open the link on your phone, it will prompt you to install the Jitsi app. Please try to connect a day or two before the meeting, just to make sure it can see your microphone and/or camera. Also, you can use this link anytime prior and talk with other BCARS members.

During the meeting, everyone will be able to see each other (that has a webcam), and you don’t have to wait for a turn to speak. You can just talk as if you’re on the phone or in the same room.

Meeting Info:
If you are asked for a password, enter k3nqt (all lowercase)
Just want to dial in on your phone?
Dial-in: +1.512.402.2718 PIN: 3179616783#

The Courthouse building and the Legion Post 113, both places BCARS holds meetings and events at, are closed for visitors until further notice. IF this continues, it may impact our May meeting, workshop, and VE sessions as well.

Finally, we’d like to encourage everyone to take COVID-19 seriously, don’t panic, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. We will provide two very good sources of information on the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak.

The first is explains why we are doing “social distancing” and what it means to “flatten the curve”. The goal is not to limit the total number of cases, but rather to spread them out in order to protect the vulnerable populate and to minimize overloading of the health care systems.

The second article is by Ars Technica and provides in depth detail, answering all your COVID-19 questions. It is updated daily.