2JAN2020 Minutes

Thursday, 2 JANUARY 2020

A meeting of the Bedford County Amateur Radio Society came to order at 1931 hours within the in Room #303 of the Bedford County Courthouse Annex by President Kenny Burtnett and a quorum was declared.

In attendance were (10): K3QNT, K3SCM, KA3UDR, KB3DFZ, KC3FPA, KC3HKZ, KC3KFW, KC3NAF, W3DRW, WB3JEK

President Kenny Burtnett requested that KB3DFZ read the December minutes. Motion to approve was made by K3QNT and seconded by K3SCM. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report presented by KB3DFZ. John discussed various checks received, checks issued and cash deposits. The ending balances are:

Petty Cash $0.00
Checking Account $1,571.75
Savings Account $2,020.18
Total $3,591.93

A motion to approve was made by K3SCM, seconded by KA3UDR. Motion carried. The full treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes.


President Burtnett formally thanked Lloyd Roach, K3QNT for his hard work and due diligence in securing grants and donations for club activities. It is greatly appreciated.

President Burtnett also thanked everyone for attending December’s holiday dinner party. It was great seeing everyone there and we had our largest turnout yet.

Field Day site has been secured by K3QNT. BCARS 2020 Field Day will again be held at East Beach Pavilion in Shawnee Park. This will be June 27th through the 28th.


Robert Redman, KC3IFL has had some health issues and is currently undergoing physical therapy at Penn Knoll, room 410. Visitors are welcome.

The 440 repeater was discussed. There was some concern that it is still a bit deaf. Areas in the North like Altoona don’t seem to hit it like they used to. After some discussion, we think that with the antenna move, the radiation pattern has changed and it may point more South than it used to. Signal reports are welcome.

The old 440 repeater is still at KB3DFZ’s QTH. It has a deaf receiver. After discussion, K3QNT moved that we sell this repeater for whatever we can get. Seconded by KC3HKZ. Motion carried.

EOC Radio Room: President Burtnett inquired as to equipment stored in the radio room. In the radio room is a working 2M radio, dual-band 2M/440 radio, and a Kenwood TS-2000. There are also many handheld radios and some spare HF gear. There is also some ancient repeater gear in the radio rack in an unknown condition. It was informally agreed that the club does not need that many handhelds. They should be sold along with the unknown racked equipment. Additionally, a 220Mhz radio should be acquired for the EOC room, along with a matching antenna installed. It was agreed to make a more formal plan for the radio room that includes upgrading some of the equipment in it.

Project Fundraising: Lloyd, K3QNT discussed fundraising for repeater and equipment upgrades in 2020. BCARS already has pledges from local organizations totalling around $1500 to be provided over the next 3 months. BCARS has also submitted a new grant application to Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. Overall, BCARS is hoping to raise around $6000 in grants and fundraising this year. These funds will be used to further improve repeater capabilities, starting with linking Martin Hill to Kinton Knob, EOC room upgrades, and community outreach.

Youth Outreach Initiative: Ed, KC3NAF, started discussion on how we can reach out to high schools and youth. Carl, KC3KFW is a former teacher and also weighed in on how to make these approaches. From a school’s perspective, any cooperative effort needs to be low effort or hassle from their perspective. The most likely and acceptable scenario is where 1-2 BCARS members go in during a class period and do a demonstration or interactive project. Most local schools now have a STEM, STEAM, or other technology club. Anyone interacting with students would need to get background clearances well ahead of entering a school. Finally, anything we present would have to be geared towards the students and the group we’re approaching. Several members have volunteered to approach known teachers and administrators to find out more as to what they think would make such an initiative successful.

Helicopter and Drones: KA3UDR mentioned he was contacted by a group that enjoys model helicopters and drones. They were at our last “Nifty Noodles and Drones” event, and they would like to do something with us again. One suggestion was that they might like to participate at the Bloody Run Canoe Classic with us. KA3UDR will get more information. We may also be able to include them on our workshops.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2030.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Hogenmiller

John Hogenmiller, KB3DFZ
BCARS Secretary