April Minutes and Updates

After much delay, the April 5, 2018 meeting minutes have been posted.


BCARS held their second Ham Radio Workshop (April 7th), as well as their second VE session (April 21st) in the month of April. At the VE session, local resident Tim took and passed his Element 2 exam and will obtain a Technician License pending FCC action. Congratulations Tim!

Additionally, BCARS participated in a Spring Set excercise, establishing communications between Hyndman EOC and the Bedford EOC. Communications were established using the HF 40 meters band, and also over the VHF 145.490 repeater. Additionally, the BCARS Communications van provided cross-band repeat capabilities to handhelds within Hyndman over  440 Mhz UHF frequencies. Overall, the establishment of communications was a success, however there were some concerns about the range of the UHF cross-band. Further discussions on this will occur at the May meeting.

Finally, BCARS will support the Bloody Run Canoe Classic, taking place in Everett, PA on the 28th of April.