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2016 Officer Elections Posted

At the December 3rd, 2016 meeting, elections were held for three open positions:

  • 1-year trustee – Jay Cessna was re-elected to this office.
  • Secretary – Lloyd Roach was elected to this office.
  • Activities Manager – Stephen Wurm was elected to this office.

For 2016, the club officers are as follows:

  • President (2015-2016): Kenny Burtnett, WB3JEK
  • Vice President (2015-2016): Robert Young, KC3CMI
  • Secretary (2016-2017): Lloyd Roach, KC3BTB
  • Treasurer (2015-2016): Steven Stiffler, KC3DNB
  • Activities Manager (2016-2017): Stephen Wurm, KE3ZT
  • 5-year Trustee (2013-2017): Steven Elliot, KA3UDR will continue serving out the remaining 3 years of his 5-year Trustee position.
  • 2-year Trustee (2015-2016): Glenn Mason, KB3VZC
  • 1-year Trustee (2016) : Jay Cessna, WA3UXP

Congratulations to our present and returning officers!

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