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Upcoming VE, Fall Foliage SET Exercise, and more!

On September 19th, BCARS will be hosting another VE session -This is a perfect opportunity to get your amateur radio license. The doors will open at noon and BCARS members will be on hand to provide instruction and advice for the exam. The exam session itself starts at 2PM. Please see the event page for more information.

 The first weekend in October is the Western PA ARES Set Exercise. It also is the Bedford County Fall Foliage Event. Once again, WPA ARES and BCARS will integrate communications support of Bedford Fall foliage into this years SET excercise. Additionally, while the SET exercise is only for the first weekend, BCARS will continue to support Fall Foliage for both all 4 days (Oct 3-4, 10-11). We are going to need every available operator to provide support for this upcoming weekend. We have an ICS 205 plan in place for the incident. 

For those wondering what has been going on with BCARS in the meantime, quite a bit:

S*H*O*R*T*S August 2015 Edition

  • Field Day Infrastructure performs as expected.  –  As previously reported in the July S*H*O*R*T*S, despite severe rain, our fearless Hams performed as advertised. However, some of the radio gear had some minor difficulty.

  • Yeager Lutheran Vacation Bible School assists aging CW Operator! – Many of the students show extraordinary aptitude in CW and other radio skills. Three young men did a first class job of hoisting the antenna into the available Rainsburg trees along side the church.

  • Martin Hill Repeater improvements and APRS deployment plans were made.

  • BCARS Anniversary Picnic planned and successfully implemented.

  • Mountains have names, we shoudl use them.

  • 501(c) (3) Status continues moving forward. We should have official status by October’s meeting.

  • Mail delivery is slow through the courthouse/EOC system.

  • Byonics TT4 testing works as desired, though not as expected.

  • August VE Session completed, September VE session planned.

  • Fall Foliage SET Exercise planned.

  • ICS Initiative progress is being made.

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