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A Busy Month of July


BCARS had a busy month in July. 

First, in the July meeting, BCARS has officially adopted the new Constitution and Bylaws. You can read them in all their glory right here: Constitution & Bylaws. The draft of the July meeting minutes are on our Meetings page.

Secondly, BCARS members braved monsoon like conditions to carry out a very successful field day. In addition to this field day, BCARS hosted a VE Session with KC3EXR, KC3EXT, and KC3EXU upgrading to General. Congratulations to all.

For field day, we had:

  • 92 Contacts on CW
  • 187 Contacts on Phone
  • 371 Points
  • A 2x Power Multiplier, giving us 742 contact points.
  • 780 bonus points
  • A grand total of 1,522 points!

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