"HAM IN A DAY" FCC Amateur Radio Testing Announcement

The Bedford County Amateur Radio Society ( BCARS) is hosting a second “Ham in a Day” event, an opportunity for those interested in becoming a ham radio operator to take the FCC test. It will be held at the Bedford County Christian Church, 10229 Lincoln Highway Everett, PA 15537 . The event will take place Saturday, April 25th from 8am-6pm. There will also be an additional free study session on Friday, April 24th from 7pm-9pm..

“Ham in a Day” helps participants review the actual FCC questions and correct answers in the morning followed by taking the FCC tests. It is open to anyone interested, and licensed hams are on-hand to answer questions during the study. Tests start at 2pm and will continue until 6pm.

Testing includes the three Amateur Radio license classes, TECHNICIAN , GENERAL , and EXTRA . The event is open to anyone interested and the cost for the VE exam is only $15.

Please bring a recent photo ID (example: school ID, US passport, driver’s license), or a current FCC license . At the session, we will provide study materials (booklets containing the actual FCC question and answer license pools).

Ham in a Day is intended to be a fun, non-stressful way to get involved in ham radio. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. At our last Ham in a Day, we welcomed 14 new hams radio operators as well as several ham upgrades.

If you are interested in studying before-hand, we invite you to check out the same questions you will see the day of the event by visiting these ham radio websites: http://www.qrz.com/ hamtest/or http://www.eham.net/exams/.

HAM IN A DAY – FCC Amateur Radio Testing 

Steve (KA3UDR) 

814-623-6147 or 814-977-5007 

[email protected] 

Please do not call the church until Sept 19th . 

STUDY SESSION: Friday, Apr 24th 7-9pm 

STUDY& TEST SESSION: Saturday Apr 25th 8am-6pm (Testing will begin at 2pm) 

Bedford County Christian Church 

10229 Lincoln Highway Everett, PA 15537 

This is between Wal-Mart and UPMC Hospital across from Bedford Valley Petroleum. 

145.490- pl. 123