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2 JULY 2014

BCARS Field Day was held outside the Civil Air Patrol Facility at the Bedford County Airport from 0900 28 June to 1730 29 June 2014

– In attendance: Robert, KC3CMI – Arthur Burtnett- Lloyd, K3QNT – Mark, KC3CMF- Joe, AB3LP –Kevin, KC3BTC – Steve, KA3UDR – John, KB3DFZ – Harry, KC3BTH- James, KB3FXR – Kenny, WB3JEK – Robin Hogenmiller – Elsie, KC3BTD – Wayne, KC3BTG – Cindy, KC3BSZ –Annika Meloy, Bedford County Commissioner Kirt Morris, Jeff, KA3PNL –Bryan Hall – Jay, WA3UXP & Sharon Burtnett.

This year’s Field Day was designated 4-F because we operated from an authorized Bedford County Emergency Communications facility. The designation was approved in writing by Bedford County EMA, David Cubbison.


HF SSB to a multiband vertical antenna tied to the fence operated by husband wife team, Joe, AA3LP & Cindy, KC3BSZ

HF-SSB mostly on 20 meters into a two-element tri-bander mounted on the famous JEK/UDR tower trailer operated from the UDR camouflaged & battle hardened Comm Tent by Jay, WA3UXP, Robert, KC3CMI and Steve, KA3UDR.

HF-SSB from the luxurious widely traveled Burtnett Motor Coach into an Inverted “V” mostly on 40 meters operated by Kenny, WB3JEK.

HF-CW from the CAP building into a dual-band Inverted “V” on 80, 40 and 15 meters. Operated with a genuine J-38 straight key by former shipboard “Sparks” (I count double) Lloyd, K3QNT

HF-DIGITAL from the Burtnett Mobile Complex on several bands by El Presidenté, John, KB3DFZ.

HF-SSB from a snappy pop-up tent exclusively on 15 meters into the world-renowned “Crutch” rotatable dipole operated by BCARS VP – Jeff, KA3PNL,

The club statistics department is still tabulating the total results but we are encouraged by the high contact count from JEK and UXP. Also, 100 points was earned by DFZ for sending a NBEMS message successfully to the WPA DEC.

Additional bonus points were obtained by ample press and broadcast reports, solar & battery power and visitation by a senior elected official.  Many thanks to all, especially Kevin and the folks at the CAP, who permitted us to invade their space for two days….and the wonderful Eclairs provided by Sharon Burtnett.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Lloyd – 
Lloyd Bankson Roach – K3QNT 
BCARS -Secretary