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June Meeting

June Meeting

Just a reminder: Field Day is fast approaching. Be sure to be prepared. Details are at:

Here are the abridged minutes (unapproved) from June’s meeting.

The meeting of the Bedford County Amateur Radio Society came to order at 19:30 hours in Civil Air Patrol Building on the premises of: 
The Bedford County Airport Complex, Cessna, PA.

– In attendance: Robert, KC3CMI –Lloyd, K3QNT – Mark, 
KC3CMF- Joe, AB3LP – Glen, KB3VZC, Elsie, KC3BTD- Howard, KB3YVL, Dylan, KC3BTB –Kevin, KC3BTC – Steve, KA3UDR – Jay, K3SCM – John, KB3DFZ – Morgan,W3MAB –Robert, KC3CMI –Mac, KC3BTA –Elsie, KC3BTD- Hal, N3CTX- Cindy, KC3BSZ- & Bill, KB3HUA

Meeting was brought to order by John, KB3DFZ, and President


MINUTES of May meeting taken by K3QNT – Approved Moved by KA3UDR, Seconded by KB3HUA. All in favor.


Presented by KA3UDR, Treasurer:

Savings: $798.72
Petty Cash: $425.53
Checking: $256.06
Total: $1,448.61

Treasurer’s Report Approved: Moved by KB3HUA Seconded by K3QNT. All in favor


KA3UDR reported that the Bloody Run Canoe Race and Triathlon events went well. Good turnout from BCARS volunteers. No significant incidents reported. BCARS operators were stationed along the routes of both events. Steve Elliott was disappointed in organization of the Bloody Run event but the Triathlon was well done.

K3SCM stated we need a list of current membership details including, name, call, address and membership status. KA3UDR raised concern about data concerning for members. Those present agreed that so long as the list is not published on-line and remains internal for member use, there is no objection. K3SCM offered to help compile list prior to next meeting. KC3BTB offered to create a spreadsheet with the list.

KA3UDR – moved that K3QNT be appointed permanent secretary for the club, replacing Steve in that position. The motion was rather swiftly seconded by KC3BTB and KB3HUA. The board voted all in favor. K3QNT thanked the board for their confidence in his limited ability. KA3UDR will remain as BCARS Treasurer.

K3QNT reported that he had requested and secured a proclamation from the Bedford County Commissioners, making the week of June 22nd through June 28th, “Bedford County Amateur Radio Society Week.” This commendation is concurrent with our Field Day Exercise on June 28th and 29. Lloyd requested that, if possible, members should attend the commissioners meeting to show the flag. The meeting will be held at 10:00 am on first floor of the court house annex, on Tuesday, June 24th.

KA3UDR reported that the Western Pennsylvania Emergency Communications Conference will be held University of Johnstown beginning at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 14th. Steve said attendance will give BCARS members a chance to meet others who are involved with EMComm and an opportunity to exchange ideas. There will be a number of seminars about operating, Go-Kits, equipment and a session on the role of a PIO, given by BCARS member, K3QNT.

Steve, also mentioned that the MS-150 Bike Race on July 19th and 20th in Hollidaysburg is in need of extra ARES-RACES operators for the event. If you can assist either or both days, contact KA3UDR.

K3QNT reminded everyone about Field Day (K3NQT) at the CAP building on June 28th and June 29th. Lloyd thanked everyone for the response on participation. KC3VZC will bring his portable generator to make things official.

KA3UDR suggested that everyone bring an item they may wish to sell. We will make Field Day a Mini-Hamfest as well.

KB3DFZ inquired about the progress of the tower project at the CAP building. KC3CMF responded that an anonymous contractor as agreed to help with the concrete base and backhoe. The airport administration needs to contact 8-1-1 PA One Call before we dig up the yard.


There was no new business for the meeting.

KB3HUA moved to adjourn with KC3BTB seconded. John, KB3DFZ thanked everyone for coming.

Adjourned at 2014 hrs.

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