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2014 Bloody Run Activities

2014 Bloody Run Activities

This past weekend, the Bloody Run Canoe Classic and the Rail to Trail Triathlon took place in Everett. Assisting the effort were eight members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) division of the Bedford Amateur Radio Society. (BCARS) These FCC licensed volunteers provided on-scene communications throughout both events on Saturday and Sunday. Each BCARS member, who participated were stationed along the racecourse, bike trail and river to keep an eye on the contestants and provide instant notification should any mishap occur. Using a sophisticated VHF countywide repeater system designed and operated by the club, both portable and mobile units were used to stay in constant contact with even coordinators.

Among those who participated were, Dylan Lacomb, amateur call sign, KC3BTB, Kenny Burtnett, WB3JEK, Lloyd Roach, K3QNT, Glen Mason KB3VZC, John Hogenmiller KB3DSZ and Mark Leibfreid KC3CMF all of Bedford. Also participating were Steve Elliott, KA3UDR and Joe Prugh AB3LP of Mann’s Choice, Robert Young, KC3CMI of Clearview and Elsie Meloy KC3BTD of Everett. The Bedford County Amateur Radio Society has been providing public service to the county for over 55 years.

The club, in its ARES-RACES function provides back communications for the Bedford County 9-1-1 center and has emergency communications facilities at the county courthouse and the Civil Air Patrol center at the Bedford airport. To learn more,

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