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March 2014 Meeting Notes

March 2014 Meeting Notes

Here’s what we discussed at this month’s meeting. A lot of upcoming events were discussed.

  • Next month’s meeting (April 3rd) will take place at the Beford County CAP. Directions and times are on the Club Information page.
  • Our next “Ham-In-A-Day” will take place April 5th. See our 2014 Special Events page for more informaiton.
  • We will be providing communications assistance for Fall Foliage (this was from February’s meeting). Fall Foliage will take place October 4-4, and on October 11-12. We will need 5-6 operators each day.
  • During Fall Foliage, we will be hosting a special event station. Frequencies are yet to be determined.
  • Now that the weather is getting nicer, we would like some volunteers to get Glenn Mason’s antenna and rotor installed on his tilt-up tower. The rotor will need to be properly aligned and mounted so the rotor controller will know which way it is pointed. Glenn’s wife will cook food for anyone willing to help. Please give Glenn a call at 814-623-7355.

K3QNT, Lloyd Roach gave an excellent presentation on being a Public Information Officer. There was lots of good information on how a PIO can represent the club during an incident to the media and community. In addition to an officially designated PIO, during an incident, any club member could be called upon to act as a PIO, depending on the situation. Over the next several months, we may be incorporating some of the ideas and techniques presented into the club’s operating procedure. Lloyd will also be speaking on this subject at the June 14th WPA Ares EmComm conference at University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, PA. More information on WPA ARES.

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