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Ham In A Day (2013)


  • WHAT: FCC Ham Radio VE Test Session
  • WHEN: Saturday, December 14th starts at 8:00am
  • WHERE: Bedford County Airport (in the Maintenance/Civil Air Patrol building) – map

FCC Amateur Radio Service Licensed VE Testing Program

The Bedford County Amateur Radio Association (BCARS) is hosting a “Ham in a Day” VE test session Saturday, December 14 at starting 8:00am at the Bedford County Airport in the Maintenance/Civil Air Patrol building). The VE test session is also being supported by the CAMBRIA RADIO CLUB, Cambria County Pa. The Ham in a Day program offers “would-be hams” and current license holders the chance to study the actual FCC question and answer license pools with testing sessions offered by VEs beginning at 2:00pm.

The Ham in Day program is a successful way to pass your very first FCC test or upgrade from your current license.We will have a number of licensed hams available to answer questions you may have while your study the FCC question pools.

For more information about the BCARS Ham in a Day program, please contact:

Steve Elliot KA3UDR 
Home: 814-623-6147 or Cell: 814-977-5007
Email: [email protected]

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